Mission Statement


The Albert O. Wilson Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the continuation of the charitable legacy of Albert O. Wilson and his family by supporting carefully screened non-profit organizations dedicated to:

  •   assisting people in need because of poverty, ignorance, homelessness, deprivation, or natural disaster
  •   enhancing quality of life for all people by focus on education, programs for youth, health care, medical research, environmental awareness and support;
  •   supporting worthy educational institutions through endowment as well as scholarships and financial aid
  •   nurturing and supporting the arts and valuable cultural institutions
  •   historic and community preservation and education

The Trustees of the Foundation are expected to carefully research all charities soliciting grants and capital gifts to ensure that the monies will be spent appropriately. The goal of the Albert O. Wilson Foundation, Inc. is to focus on the most worthy charities which fall within the philosophical causes outlined above (as well as additional worthy causes the Trustees might define in the future); a related goal of the Foundation is to identify and give to those charities which are deemed most efficient in directing gifts to achieve the purpose intended.


The Trustees of the Foundation shall establish allocation targets for gifting to capital campaigns and sustained support. These targets should be defined as flexible ranges to give the officers flexibility to ensure that the most worthy organizations receive appropriate support.  


The Trustees of the Foundation shall be encouraged to engage in active philanthropy through the incentive of The Matching Gift Program.


A.O.Wilson Foundation

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