Proposal Submission Guidelines & Deadlines

The goal of the Albert O. Wilson Foundation, Inc. is to focus on the most worthy charities which fall within the philosophical causes outlined above (as well as additional worthy causes the Trustees might define in the future); a related goal of the Foundation is to identify and give to those charities which are deemed most efficient in directing gifts to achieve the purpose intended.


Non-profit charitable organizations who believe their mission and focus are consistent with the Mission Statement of the Foundation are welcome to submit a grant request which will be analyzed and considered by the Grants Committee. All applicants must be qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Grant requests should be quite specific in detailing how the monies will be spent.


The Foundation is on a March 31 fiscal year; grants are processed during February and March. Grant requests must be submitted no later than January 31st to allow the Grants Committee time to review and weigh the merits of the application. Grant requests should be submitted by mail to the Foundation’s President; email copies may be sent to, however there is no assurance that the request will not be detained and lost in the Foundation’s spam filter.

The January 31 deadline for grant requests is firm. If you have questions about your proposal, please contact the Foundation well before that time. The Grants Committee makes funding decisions in March, and notification of fulfillment or denial will be made at that time.

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